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Author: Goast

House of Hifi launch CUE

House of Hifi launch CUE

If you haven’t already, you should really get to know about the House of Hifi. Based in Bournemouth and founded in 2017, they are a totally female-fronted artist management and events collective, represented by DJs AMA, KIRA, KYRO and Sheba Q. Since 2020 hasn’t been

Remix Remarks – Droptek Symbiosis Remixed Part 1

In April 2019 Korsakov Music, still only four releases since its launch, was just a baby in the label circuit and Droptek was a name that many 170 revellers were unfamiliar with. Then came the release of Symbiosis – Droptek’s debut album. Each of the

Talking Honks, Collabs and Moustaches with Waeys

Hey Casper, thanks for taking the time to talk to me today, much appreciated! So, as everyone knows, you first made some waves on the scene with your Ropple EP on Overview, which really was outstanding. What I’d like to know is what came before

5 Things I’ll Never Miss About Raves Again

Since lockdown seems to be coming to a close and since there’s the very faint possibility that we might even be allowed to go out partying this year (please, oh sweet Jesus please) here at the Goat Shed we thought we’d take this austere moment

Facing Jinx Announces Debut Album with Stunning EP.

The Peer Pressure Records boss Facing Jinx today announces that his long-awaited debut album For The Good of It All will be available from July 31st 2020. If that sounds too long to wait, fear not, because the first beautiful glimpse of the album will

Stay at home festival

The 10 Commandments of Stay At Home Fest

1 – Plants are your friends If you don’t have a plant front and centre, are you even actually DJing? 2 – Day drinking is allowed Not just allowed, it’s actively encouraged. 3 – If you rate, donate We all know you’ve got nothing better

Manual in the Mix

Manuals debut on Goat Shed radio was one to remember, the 30 minute mix fuses multiple drum & bass styles which come together in a fierce fashion. If you didn’t tune in to listen live, then we advise you click the link below. Don’t be

55mm Ep – New Oddysee

New Oddysee is a Bournemouth based producer and events co-ordinator in which he focuses primarily around the 140bpm spectrum. After clarifying his sound over the past year, he presented us with 2 weighty Dubstep tracks with original hand crafted percussion and deep subs forming a

Hexa guest mix on Goat Shed Radio

Artist: Hexa Label: Onyx Recordings ONYX Recordings showcase the deeper side of Drum & Bass on Goat shed radio with DJ Hexa representing – And what an absolutely storming guest mix! For those that love their Drum & Bass stripped back, punchy and gritty this

DJ GAW – Janguru by Onyx Recordings

Gaw is welcomed back to Onyx after signing for them a second time and this isn’t the last you’ll here from him. With support from the likes of Aphrodite and Aries this single is the perfect blend of jungle and Jump up. Janguru, the latest