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Author: Meg Davies

A Toast With HØST // Interview

To New Releases, Bits And Pieces Yo, it’s Meg here from Goat Shed… How’re you doing? Safe safe safe, how’re you? Very well, Harry isn’t it? Or (OUUSST)? Is that how you pronounce it? It’s Host, said normally. I think everyone assumes that it’s pronounced

Locked Down with Charli Brix

Yo yo, Meg here from Goat Shed…  How’re you doing during this strange period of history? I’ve adjusted, I think, but I’m restless. I miss performing, I miss working. I’m an active person so I’m just filling my time with things to keep me sane..

Catching Up With Amoss: From Fields to Fruition

Jamoss! Yes Meg, how’re you doing?  Hello hello, very well thanks. Yourself?  Good. Yeah, fucking weird times at the moment. I hope you’re alright and not going crazy.  I think we all are in our own little way, aren’t we? Yeah, I feel like it’s

Concrete-19: LCY & Kirbstomp with the Low Down

I rarely set forth out into the depths of Pompey now my student days are over. Attending a rave nowadays involves a complicated series of deductive calculations rather than £8.50, a bottle of Glen’s vodka for pre’s and only my gun fingers to hand. I