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Tag: hospital records

Hospital Records – NHS400 EP// Review

It’s customary to start off a review of a compilation EP with a nice, neat potted history of the label putting it out but if you’re reading this and haven’t heard of Hospital Records then chances are you’ve arrived here by accident. (But hey, stick around. Because let’s face it,

Mitekiss – Objects to Push EP // Review

Emma Rochford takes a look at the lastest EP from Hospital Records’ musical maestro – Mitekiss. It’s surprising that Mitekiss has found the time to release ‘Objects to Push’ at all really. But somehow between running his own label (Goldfat records), hosting his own podcast, creating online production tutorials and

Hugh Hardie – 7 Tunes in 7 Days // Review

Our Emma Rochford takes a look at the latest from Hospital Records mainstay Hugh Hardie – The ultimate lockdown soundtrack. For those of you whose desktops consist of folders full of unreleased tracks on their 64th variation, Hugh Hardie’s latest offering might be a slightly bitter pill to swallow. As